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Sup y'allz. I'm mostly known as Apparition (or Appy for short) because it's my most used game handle. This is my blog where I babble about gaming, music, atheism, japanophilia, and some other nerdy shit too. Follow!
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A fan recreated the entire map from first Shenmue game in Minecraft.

"Shenmue fans deserve more than the piss poor treatment they’ve been given over the years! I wanna dedicate my life to make sure the series didn’t die for nothing. - …it won’t just stop at Shenmue. Once the Harbor is finished I’m building a train station that links up Yokosuka with Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai and various other places so it’ll be Shenmue 1 and 2 in one complete package.”

Though I don’t remember Tokyo or Shanghai ever having anything to do with Shenmue, I look forward to the additions to this ambitious and exciting project he has going here.

The Ninja class is coming to Mabinogi and it’s about time!

Japanese school girl ninjas. Dope.

So my brain just nearly crumpled apart when I noticed there’s a trailer for a new live action adaptation of one of my all time favorite animes growing up, Kite. Naturally, as you’d expect, it seems very localized and… Hollywood-ish with big budget fight scenes and a story swaying off from the original which I guess is to somehow modernize it? I guess I still don’t get the logic behind twisting original and amazing things beyond recognition in attempt to resonate with a larger audience. Regardless, I’ll be keeping my eye on this one.

IGN takes a look at Destiny’s Companion App, which is something I hope all MMO’s will start doing.

A picture inside the real life Coill/Fiodh dungeons in Mabinogi.
(Brechfa Forest, Wales)

A picture inside the real life Coill/Fiodh dungeons in Mabinogi.

(Brechfa Forest, Wales)

Tony Hawk studio Neversoft bids farewell, burns eyeball effigy

"nigga, that’s kawaii"

Let’s play Black Ice!

Black Ice is an indie FPS by Garrett Cooper set in a Tron-like digital world with neon buildings that you “hack” into. Right click the building to begin hacking the corporation and defend yourself from glowing neon enemies with cannons, lasers, and other cool weapons you uncover. You can adjust a large handfull of stats upon leveling up with your ability points and change weapons in hotkeys to your liking.

Mabinogi developers DevCat have released a new trailer for a Mabinogi mobile based online card battle game: Mabinogi Duel, which apparently is to be published by Nexon and looks gay as fuck. :))))))

The girl’s hot though…

But seriously who the fuck plays a card game online what even year is this?

Mabinogi Duel

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