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"Apparition's Terminal is the ultimate in authenticity and literary usefulness." - Internet CEO
Sup y'allz. I'm mostly known as Apparition (or Appy for short) because it's my most used game handle. This is my blog where I babble about gaming, music, atheism, japanophilia, and some other nerdy shit too. Follow!
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Current games I'm playing. Add me in any game if you need help or just wanna hang.

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You can also catch me at other dooky social gaming sites like raptr and playfire.

Check out some anime inspired chillout/trance I do here.


"You are won the match!!"

Currently addicted to S4 League, a futuristic anime styled third-person shooter with more game modes than any MMOFPS I’ve played. Got pretty lucky a few times, finished at the head of my team. Not too shabby for a total nub. If you’re into games like Cosmic Break or MegaTen you’ll probably dig this. You can catch me on either the North American servers or the English European servers. IGN: Axetris

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